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Care and Education for Children aged 6 weeks until 5 years

To ignite the spirit of learning, friendship and community through an holistic early education program that puts the best interests of children first.

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Igniting the potential within every child

A solid early learning foundation is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, with benefits that will be reaped by generations to come.  At Bluebird we embrace the invaluable opportunity to instil life-skills that will not only ensure your children’s successful transition to school, but empower them to become confident, positive and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Now is the time to ignite their innate spirit of learning.

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 invaluable opportunity

“As a family owned and operated childcare provider, it is our privilege to offer young families the very best start to their child’s learning journey through nature-inspired playgrounds, richly-resourced learning environments, the latest early education technology, and a world-class early learning curriculum lead by passionate and highly-trained educators.”

– Oxanda Education Founder and Managing Director, Adrian Fonseca

Our Curriculum

Bluebird Early Educations extended curriculum is based upon proven research that supports the successful development of the whole child through activities that enhance cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative skills.

Forest School

Lead by our specially trained Forest School Educators, this internationally renowned program enables children to freely explore and experience the wonders of nature while developing a strong sense of respect and understanding for our environment and the importance of its sustainability.

Bluebird Rituals

Bluebird incorporates a series of shared rituals into our daily routines to help provide children with a sense of security, identity and belonging. These special times include Tea Time, Relaxation circles and progressive meals.

Kindergarten Program

Taught by University qualified teachers this dedicated program will provide your child with key learning foundations and help ensure that they transition happily and confidently into school.