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Early childhood experts regard the kindergarten or “pre-school” stage as one of the most significant in terms of children’s cognitive, physical and emotional development. That is why we have developed the Bluebird Kindergarten program, dedicated to helping children excel during this pivotal year.

Our Kindergarten Program is lead by university- qualified early childhood teachers who specialise in teaching academic fundamentals within the framework of play-based enquiry.

We pride ourselves on delivering a world-class Kindergarten curriculum that focuses upon the development of academic competence, creative problem solving, decision-making skills, independence and a life-long passion for learning.

Set within long day-care hours, our 5-day program provides each child with an individually tailored program focused upon developing the skills for a success at school and well beyond.

Bluebird Kindergarten Program key focus areas:

  • Solid academic foundations including literacy and numeracy skills
  • Social maturity and emotional strengths
  • Independent inquiry and creative problem solving abilities
  • Memory and concentration skills
  • Motor skills and physical coordination
  • Good health, nutrition and wellbeing
  • Responsible citizenship qualities
  • Independence and strong self-esteem