Our Mission

“Igniting the Spirit of Learning”

Wisdom – Integrity – Trust – Honesty

We are committed to achieving excellence in every area of our service. We believe deeply in the power of learning as the ignition switch to building a culture that lives and breathes this mission. Learning transforms not only the individual but also those around, igniting a spirit of change. A partnership between what we once knew and what we now know begins to influence the way we move forward.

It is said that “learning is a consequence of thinking” and as such, we cultivate a rich climate of reflective practice and forward thinking. By creating a diverse environment for children, families, and community we strengthen the spirit of dialogue and collaboration.

Learning is a cycle of inquiry that is driven by curiosity and desire. It involves questioning, investigating, researching, evaluating, and building on what we already know or do. Learning takes time, patience, persistence, and willingness. We strive to inspire the positive foundations and mindset of a life-long learner within every child.

We endeavour to empower our children, our families, our teams, and our community in ways that motivate
and inspire excellence in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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